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The AutoFast Rivet System is the world's first, truly portable semi-automatic rivet gun and rivet feed system designed to streamline blind rivet setting in a variety of industries. The AutoFast Rivet System is specifically engineered for rapid, high-volume installation of blind rivets.

AutoFast automatic rivet gunOur system can set rivets at a rate of approximately one rivet per second. This when combined with a rivet feeding capacity of up to 5,000 rivets means nothing else comes close to matching it in performance. Reduce your business costs.

Lightweight and ergonomic in design, the AutoFast Rivet System greatly minimises stress injuries associated with rivet fastening. The single-handed design relieves the operator from manual rivet reloading, allowing the free hand for stability and support.

Rivets are fed automatically into the AutoFast gun making manual rivet loading and mandrel disposing obsolete. Reduce product supply costs with no more dropped unused rivets. Eliminate spent mandrel stems and waste from littering the factory floor needlessly endangering your employee's safety.

The AutoFast Rivet System is configurable to set virtually any rivet including structural rivets. The system is adaptable to robotics and customised nose pieces can be designed. The system is suitable for any company that uses significant volumes of blind rivets.