Product Demonstrations

The process we follow:

  • Introduction to the AutoFast Rivet System typically starts from an industry referral or from an exhibition display at product trade shows. For more information we can provide brochures on our system. There is some limited video available (more coming soon).
  • If a prospective customer decides to pursue further interest in our products and services, we are happy to hold a private product demonstration. Ideally this is done at the customer's premises as it gives the customer a chance to 'touch and feel' the product as well as observe first hand the capabilities of the AutoFast Rivet System off the product line.
  • We also find the product demonstrations at the customer's premises beneficial for ourselves. It allows us to observe the customer's applications and quickly get an appreciation of customer requirements and determine if any system customisation is required.
  • We can alternatively provide private demonstrations in Sydney.
  • For remote location customers we have found that simple Skype online video conversations works satisfactorily in the initial stages.
  • When a customer decides to implement our system, we can if required arrange for a limited time production trial. This allows the customer to experience the system in a production environment and if necessary refine their processes. It also allows us to gauge the success of any system customisation made or determine if further customisation is required.
  • For customers we offer product training and nationwide technical support. A comprehensive Instruction Manual is supplied with each AutoFast® riveting system.