Product Features

Automatic Nose Feed

Automatic nose feed


  • Holds the rivet during installation.
  • Configurable with multiple nose pieces to suit different rivet sizes.
  • Available in regular or full contact grip.

Feed strip

Feed strip



Your rivets are pre-loaded onto a feed strip to enable hands free rivet installation.

Sleeve Feed

Sleeve feed


Depending on requirements the feed strips can be packaged in sleeves with up to 300 rivets for stationary rivet applications. The feed strips can also be packaged in pouches for mobile rivet applications.

Bulk Feed

Bulk rivet box



For large stationary rivet applications the feed strips can be boxed with up to 5,000 rivets for continuous rivet installation.

Feed Strip Take-Up Reel

Feeding Reel


  • Automatically advances the next rivet for rapid installation.
  • Non-slip grip for maximum rivet installation precision.

Waste Collection Bag

Waste Collection Bag

  • Generous capacity holds hundreds of mandrels and used feed strip.
  • Durable, zippered bag for quick & easy waste disposal.
  • Available in regular or large size.

Compatible Rivets

Suits most rivets

Can be configured to work with most breakstem blind rivets from 2.4mm to 6.4mm. (Imperial from 3/32" to 1/4").

Customised Nose Pieces

Customised nosepiece


Customised nose pieces can be developed to suit individual company specific applications.