Why Choose AutoFast?

The answer is simple. While there are competing rivet systems these can't match the AutoFast system in a number of ways.

  • All AutoFast tools are manufactured and assembled in the USA with tight quality control. Unlike some competitor tools they won't be failing and being returned to source after just a few months. Some of our AutoFast tools have fired over 100,000 rivets and have only required the changing of a few perishable O-rings.
  • After years of design the AutoFast tools have been streamlined so they are simple but functional. Typically our tools contain one third to one half the parts of a competitor's tools. Light in weight. Less things to go wrong.
  • For Australian customers only there is an optional AutoFast Care Plan available that is designed to ensure your AutoFast tools provide optimum performance. It involves a complete strip down and rebuild of your tool every 12 months. Features include:
    • The plan has an annual fee that covers the service cost including all parts and labour.
    • For customers signing up to the care plan the cost of the plan for the first 12 months is waived.
    • We will provide you with a temporary replacement tool while your original tool is being serviced to ensure your production is not affected.
  • Unlike our competitors we package rivets within Australia so that we can meet urgent customer supply demands. Our competitors have to order their strip rivets from the tools point of origin. Not a good thing if you as a customer need packaged rivets urgently.
  • With our customers agreement we may hold a limited amount of their rivets already pre-packaged. On receiving our customer's orders they can be dispatched the same day. No delays.
  • We offer customisation of our system within Australia. Our competitors need to send offshore for any customisation providing that is at all possible on their equipment.
  • For our customisation there may be an additional charge. However, typically we don't charge for our labour design and customisation time. There may be a small charge for special parts that need to be manufactured but these will be on a cost recovery basis only. Our competitors will hit you with an enormous charge.